The practice

I have had an established private practice based in the Canary Wharf area for several years now.  Couples and individuals come to see me to work out their relationship difficulties.

Couples want and need help to communicate better and to resolve their differences.  They may have faced illness, financial difficulties, or may be considering whether start a family and lost the specialness they felt for each other earlier in the relationship, and have no-one to turn to, but still seek change and want to be together.  One partner may feel betrayed after an affair, and the sessions can help them to realise how much they really value the relationship even though there has been some hurt.

 What can change?

  • Warmer, closer relationships
  • Better able to discuss difficult subjects.
  • Better understanding of each other.

Some frequently asked questions:

When can we see you face to face?

Although I am keen to return to working in the building, I am following the Government guidance and that provided by the professional bodies.  In the meanwhile, am working with individuals and couples remotely and this is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

What is relationship counselling?
Relationship counselling provides a space for you to think about what you want from the relationship with someone who is neutral, which may not be the case with your friends or family members.

What if my partner refuses to attend sessions with me?
It is definitely preferable for you both to attend the sessions, however, there can still be some benefit for you to attend alone to consider what has been happening in your relationship and how you would like it to be different.

I have problems forming relationships, would this type of counselling be helpful for me?
Yes, as it would allow you to explore with your counsellor the areas where for example, you lack confidence.

We have heard about pre-marital counselling, is this something you offer?
Yes, as couples are able to think about and share their expectations with each other before they make such an important commitment.

How do I make an appointment?
Please call me or text 07951 727829, providing your contact details, and I will telephone you usually within the next working day. If you have preferred times when you are available to speak please indicate this in your message.