Patsy Fauré sees couples and individuals in private practice and is also a qualified Supervisor.  She also runs workshops and seminars at leading counselling training organisations.  Patsy has taught on the Summer Schools run at Tavistock Relationships in 2015 - 2017, where she is a Visiting Lecturer.

She trained at London Marriage Guidance (now Tavistock  Relationships), and previously counselled couples at TR’s centre near Liverpool Street.  In addition she also ran a weekly psychotherapeutic group for people with relationship difficulties.

As well as her wealth of experience working with couples, she has also worked within a diplomatic mission and a large non-government body with staff from diverse cultural backgrounds.  

Feedback  from previous course participants:

  • "We were thought about, and this enabled the group to get the most out of the day."
  • "The facilitator made it easy to explore a difficult topic."
  • "The day was an appropriate balance of thinking/reflective learning."

 Patsy designs one day workshops and seminars for organisations, and is happy to discuss specific training needs for your staff.

Public art: a large, many-bladed red turbine stands in an open city square